Card Reading for Week of October 18, 2021:

Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, Queen of Rods

Interesting to find all Court cards this week, each of a different suit. The suit of Rods corresponds to Summer, and the Queen of Rods represents summer’s warmth and hospitality. That season is finally ending here where I live. The Page of Swords represents and incicive person, somone who can “cut through” the B.S. to see what’s really going on. The suit of Swords corresponds to Winter, and we are definitely seeing cooler weather here. Some places may be fortunate enough to get an actual Autumn and a proper Winter with snow, but where I live, it’s hot, hot, hot, wet, a couple cooler days, hot again, wet again, and then cold and drizzly until Spring. Spring corresponds to the suit of cups. It’s a long way off, but the Knight of Cups represents an invitation or opportunity arriving. So as the seasons change (messily for me, hopefully a little better in other places), keep your eyes open for new opportunities that might bring eventual positive change.

Card Reading for Week of October 11, 2021:

The Eight of Swords, Reversed; The Hermit: the Queen of Rods, reversed

Well, I hoped an assist from some little ball-jointed sprites might give better news, but even the combined cuteness of Lisa and Norbert can’t change the world we’re in:

Both of the reversed cards we see this week are tied to unstable emotions and depression; the Eight of Swords is a person bound by bad news, while the normally sunny-dispositioned Queen of Rods is flipped to possible jealousy and mistrust. In between then, we see the Hermit, the archetypal seeker after wisdom. The Hermit is also a card of withdrawal and contemplation.

These days, the news is full of illness, death, and uncertainty. I know we are all tired of having to stay within the confines of our limited circles, and we would really love to get some good news for a change. Hang in there, and keep washing your hands. Better times might not be here yet, but they will come. I love you guys,


Card Reading for Week of September 27, 2021

Ten of Swords, Reversed; Seven of Pentacles, Reversed; Seven of Rods

The Ten of Swords has always been a card of misfortune, so it’s no surprise to see it showing up in times of worry and uncertainty. The card is reversed today, though, which indicates a chance for improvement. The Seven of Pentacles is a card of hard work, associated with money. Reversed, it can indicate impatience or imprudent investments. Yeah, don’t go betting on football, my friends. Or on horses.

Seriously, though, these two cards indicate that we are going through some rough times. And who isn’t? The Seven of Rods, however, is a positive sign. This optimistic young man is fighting off challenges. This care represents victory: overcoming the odds, meeting challenges. Things are going to get better. Be patient. Be supportive of one another. Better days are coming.

Card Reading for Week of September 20th:

First of all, let me say that this week brings us both the Harvest Moon and the Autumn Equinox, so enjoy the beautiful moonlight and the change of seasons in whatever way seems fit. A cousin just sent me a new essential oil blend, and I think it smells like Pumpkin Spice . . . .

Three of Pentacles; Ten of Rods, Reversed; Justice, Reversed

Pentacles is the suit associated with the Element Earth and the incoming season of autumn, suggesting richness and harvest. The Three card in particular represents excellent work. The suit of Rods is associated with Summer, which is on its way out. The Ten of Rods represents stress and pressure to meet a goal, as well as possible difficulties or losses indicated by its reversed position. The Reversed Ten of Rods may also indicate that someone out there is trying to screw you over—what else is new? Couple that with Reversed Justice, and we end up with a message along the lines of “You keep bustin’ your butt, but don’t see much for it. Life isn’t fair.”

There are a couple ways to react to the fact that, no, life ain’t fair. You could become cranky and bitter about it. Or you could try and make life a little more fair for yourself and the people in your community. Stand up for yourself, love your friends and neighbors, take care of each other.

Love, Angela

P.S. Speaking of butt-busting, my long-suffering editor and I are still wrangling out the final issues before Lord Cailean’s Tower goes on-line/into print. Now, life being unfair as it is, I have been working for over four years to get this truly twisted mystery finished, while meanwhile Jimmy McJimsickle BestSeller (if you’re a librarian, you know) is spitting out two blockbusters a month courtesy of an army of ghostwriters. Such is life. I still think I’ve done a pretty good job on this one, though.

And is that a little Goblin Dog sleeping next to my desk? Why yes it is!

Card Reading for Week of 9/13/2021:

Knight of Swords, Reversed; King of Rods, Reversed; Eight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a champion, rushing into battle—but here we see him reversed, a sign that it is more prudent to hold back. The King of Rods is also reversed, which indicates a possible time of austerity, as opposed to the usual abundance associated with Summer, the season represented by the suit of Rods. Finally, we see another Sword card, the Eight. which is generally associated with bad news or illness.

I’m a couple days late with this post—because, as you all know, I’m ill. I’ve been resting more than anything else, and looking at these cards, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Events are being canceled and postponed again, due to the overall medical situation across the US. Now is time to be patient, to rest, to focus on yourself and your family.

Take care and be safe,


P.S. Those of you who are SCA members might want to know that there will be a VIRTUAL event this coming Saturday—go to the Kingdom of Atlantia pages to find more information about our University, where you can listen to SCA members teach about their favorite subjects in art and history from the comfort and safety of your own blanket fort.