Card Reading for Week of July 12, 2021:

The Devil, Reversed; Three of Swords; Nine of Swords

As rough as this looks, folks, I’ve actually got some good news this week. Yes, we see both the Three of Swords, representing sadness, disappointment, and delay, and the Nine of Swords, which represents anxiety or worry for a loved one. However, note that the Devil card is reversed. In Tarot, the Devil card represents all those things that “bedevil” us and hold us back; whether they be bad situations, bad habits, bad luck, illness, etc. The Devil reversed here is showing us we need to take control of our situation—to “flip the script” and release ourselves from whatever has been binding us in the past.

This week might pass like a kidney stone, but it’s going to pass, and we will be stronger for it.

Card Reading for Week of July 5, 2021:

King of Rods, Two of Pentacles, and Strength

Our central card this week shows us an individual trying to juggle two Pentacles/Coins in front of a choppy sea. This indicates difficulty in starting projects, or concern with money matters (plus, have you seen the weather?) Our central figure is not alone, however. To one side, we see the King of Rods, representing a husband/father/protective individual, and on the other side we see Strength, someone with the ability to overcome the most difficult of obstacles. We are never truly alone. We have our communities to support us. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it—we are getting through “this,” whatever “this” happens to be.

Card Reading for Week of June 28, 2021:

Four of Rods, Reversed; Queen of Swords; the Empress

The Four of Rods represents happiness and tranquility. In the reversed position, it signifies insecurity and worry. The Queen of Swords indicates a person who has the ability to remain strong in spite of sorrow, loss, or struggle. The Empress represents creativity, intuition, and the ability to motivate others. So yes, we may be in for a bit of a slog right now, but we have the strength and intuition to find our way through.

Card Reading for Week of June 7, 2021:

The Devil, Two of Cups, Four of Rods

Yep, we are still being be-Devilled. We are being tried and tested, no surprise there. Our next cards tell us how we are going to get through this. The Two of Cups represents marriage, romantic partnership, or other close, supportive relationship. Y’all know who you can count on—for me, it’s my husband (love you, John!). The Four of Rods represents happiness and society, as well as rest. Your friends have got your back.

We are all coming out of a terrible year-plus, but we have our friends and family (chosen family counts, too!) to support us. Love to all.

Card Reading for Week of May 31, 2021: Four of Swords, the Devil, King of Rods, Reversed

So these cards come as an explanation/apology. I am late posting, here’s why:

*The Four of Swords, or the Tomb, represents solitude, seclusion, or rest, particularly after illness. Yep, I was laid up sick part of the week.

*The Devil is, as usual, in the details: the demands of the physical world are testing us (well, testing me, anyway).

*The King of Rods represents education and wisdom—reversed, he warns one not to assume one has all the answers, or that one’s views are absolutely correct.

So I’ve been unwell, and anything I post might be best taken with a grain of salt. Or maybe a salt lick. On the bright side, I am feeling better, AND, the fourth volume of the Edward Red Mage mysteries has progressed from the editing phase to typesetting and design, which means it should be available this summer. Thanks, everyone, for all your support.