Cards for Week Beginning 10/15/18

Something I’ve been doing on and off for a while is letting “Edward Red Mage” post weekly card readings. I was posting them on my FaceBook account, but they will be easier for me to archive if I put them here. I actually have a specific deck that I use while writing, that inspires the one Eddie makes a living with. For a general reading, “we” pull three cards at random and consider how they apply to life at the moment. So here are his cards and thoughts for the week:

  1. The Knight of Air: There’s a battle coming, or maybe it’s already started. Time to mount up and charge in.
  2. The Two of Air, Reversed: Right now it feels like Justice is not only blind, but deaf as well. So much hangs in the balance, and it seems like even basic fairness is an impossibility.
  3. The Wishing Star: It may not seem possible from where you are at the moment, but things are going to get better. Better days are coming Do not give up.

Now Eddie usually charges a copper coin or two for his readings, but I’m posting it here for free. If you want to throw pennies at me, though, I won’t mind.

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