Holiday Musings, Part One

I posted this on my personal Facebook Page a few days ago. Many people appreciated it, several asked to share it. I’m puytting it here so it doesn’t get lost in the social media clutter.
So it’s Christmas, or The Holidays, or whatever you call it, and it’s
“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” . . . On the radio. On TV. But what if:
You have lost someone, or several someone’s, and it doesn’t feel right to celebrate without them?
Or you have lost your job, or the one you have doesn’t pay enough to live on, and seeing/hearing about presents you can’t afford to give makes you feel inadequate?
Or your family is dysfunctional, and spending time with them means turning up for a ration of abuse?
Or you celebrate a different faith, or no faith, and the constant “Christmas” makes you feel excluded in your own country?
I could go on, but there are a lot of reasons to feel like “everyone is happy but me,” this time of year, so:
It’s dark, and cold, and the world seems to be getting meaner by the day, so again:
I feel like all the diverse holidays celebrated by cultures in the Northern Hemisphere at this time all began as a sort of prehistoric anti-suicide intervention : “I know it’s dark and cold and miserable, but don’t kill yourself, I’ve seen this before, the sun will come back, I promise.”
So whether you are waiting for Christmas or just wrapped up Chanukah, whether you celebrate Thor turning up at Yule with his magic goats, or, I don’t know, Festivus, or if you celebrate nothing at all:
PLEASE BE KIND. Because you never know what sorts of burdens others bear, or how hard they are fighting.
Since this is, after all, a writing blog, I’ll come back later with a post on how seasons and holidays are celebrated in the world Edward Red Mage inhabits, and how they influence the unfolding of my stories.

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