Where has Eddie Been? And Where is He Going?

It has been a busy and highly stressful past few weeks, and I haven’t even touched Eddie’s fortune-telling cards in all this time. The weekend coming up, January 18-21, is the MarsCon SciFi/ Fantasy convention in Williamsburg Virginia. I’m going to be there, and, most likely, my editor Leona Wisoker is going to be there, with a table in the vendor’s room for books by the two of us as well as other small-press and independent authors. I can’t say where I’m going to be all the time, but I’ll be at the craft area a good bit of the time, as well as at the afternoon seating of the tea room.
Hoping for a good con and a good week, here ‘s our card reading:
The Moon, Reversed: The Moon often indicates deception or temptation, but the reversed position indicates being able to avoid such unpleasantness.
Eight of Earth: This card indicates learning a new skill or craft.
Six of Water: This card indicates a desire to return to the comfort or innocence of childhood.
So come out to the con, meet me in the Crafter’s Corner, and I promise I won’t expect you to adult.

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