At Last! A Card Reading!

Sorry I haven’t posted since MarsCon (which was great, THX to those who bought books from the Scribbling Lion table) because, unfortunately, I’ve been contending with the serious illness of a family member. I finally forced myself to sit down and pull out the cards, though, and this is what happened:
The Devil, the Page of Earth, the Two of Water, Reversed
Don’t panic; the “Devil” card doesn’t represent evil spirits coming to get you—it represents habits or attachments that are “trapping” you or holding back your personal or spiritual growth, anything from drug addictions to clutter. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to re-evaluate your life and see if it’s not time to let go of things that are hindering you. The Page of Earth represents a young person who is hard-working and well-grounded. In my fictional world, I associate this card with Eddie’s elf friend Lee, who can usually be counted on to give Eddie what he needs, whether that’s encouragement or a bucket of water in the face. In my life, I associate it with my daughter, who has no problems letting go of outgrown anything from the past, and who looks at change not as a disruption but a new adventure. The Two of Water is a marriage card; reversed, it indicates strain or tension in a relationship.
These cards together indicate that the old ways of doing things might not be working anymore, and might even be damaging your relationships. Find a trusted friend (or friends) to support you, and look at ways you can break free from the past and move into the new year with a focus on putting your energy into relationships, not things.

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