Card Reading for February 4th, 2019

(I’m trying to get back to posting on a regular schedule)

King of Air. The Lovers, reversed. Strength, reversed.

This can be the absolute worst time of year. It’s cold and it’s wet. The holidays are over, but winter’s not. And if your life is anything like mine, you’re flat broke, too (me, because I don’t work over the holidays). Is it any wonder we’ve gotten such discouraging cards? The entire suit of Air corresponds to winter, darkness, cold, and night. The King of Air represents authority in general, or perhaps an authority figure—someone who offers judgement. The Lovers card represents one’s closest relationship—reversed, it indicates tension, imbalance, and stress on this relationship. Strength reversed indicates feeling weak, powerless, and at the mercy of others. Combined, these cards indicate a pretty rough patch. But don’t give up; even winter doesn’t last forever. Just remember to focus more on the people that really matter in your life, and less on the opinions of outside authority.

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