Week of 2/18/19:

Nine of Earth; Five of Water, reversed; King of Water, Reversed
The good news: the suit of Water aligns with Spring, so two water cards indicates that yes, it’s on its way. The bad news? The Water cards are reversed, so it’s not quite here yet; where I live, it’s not unusual to have flowers blooming, only to get flattened by a freak snowstorm. But on to specifics . . .
The Nine of Earth indicates accomplishment, safety, and well-being. The Five of Water is the card of regret and a focus on lack, but here we see it reversed, which indicates a hopeful outlook for the future. However, the King of Water also reversed indicates an individual who might not be entirely reliable or trustworthy, or someone whose temper gets the best of them. Taken together, these cards indicate that the overall situation is improving, as long as one watches out for one’s self; don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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