Week of 4/22/19:

Page of Air; Three of Air, reversed; Five of Water (the Pessimist), reversed:
The Page of Air represents a younger person notable for physical or mental agility. As the suit of Air is more commonly called Swords, the Page might be seen as someone with “keen” insight, or someone who can “cut through” confusion or bull crap. This is helpful, as confusion, mistakes, and errors are indicated by the reversed position of the Three of Air. The Pessimist card represents loss or regret, particularly a focus on loss at the expense of considering the present and future. The reversed position of this card indicates that things are looking up after a period of loss. It also represents reunions. So I’ll see some of you lovely people this weekend at Faire—and I know to whom I should turn for advice.
*Yes, I will be attending the Southampton County Renaissance Faire in Virginia this weekend, April 27 & 28. Due to the chaos that is my mundane life (the same chaos that keeps me from posting blog entries until Wednesday each week), I will not have a display/sale table set up this year. However, you can always find my books on-line—and if you see me at faire, I might have a few print copies around somewhere. And my Tarot cards. And some dolls. Always with the dolls.

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