Card Reading for 5/13/19:

Ten of Air; Nine of Fire, Reversed; King of Earth, Reversed
This week’s cards aren’t a pretty picture. The Ten of Air, besides representing cold, wet, dreary weather (Mother Nature, make up your mind!), is the card of loss, grief, and betrayal. The image in my deck is literally someone being stabbed in the back . . . unless it’s a series of fertile hills being symbolically stabbed. The Nine of Five warns to prepare for adversity, conflict, and trouble. Reversed, it means the trouble is already here. The King of Pentacles in his reversed position represents peril and danger as well, or possibly an individual for whom the means justify the ends.
It’s possible that these cards came to my hands because, as I prepared for this reading, I was remembering a distant friend I lost this week. On the other hand, I’ve been listening to the news, and I’m afraid this is a pretty good summary of the current geo-political situation. Let’s hope this unpleasant time passes quickly. Like a kidney stone, maybe, but that it passes.

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