Card Reading for Week of June 3, 2019:

Ten of Fire; Queen of Water; Two of Earth
Again we see the Ten of Fire, which represents burdens and pressure, though they may soon be relieved. The Two of Earth, however, indicates new troubles arising, or difficulty in starting a new endeavor—it seems like these days it’s just one more thing after another. This is where the Queen of Water comes in; this card represents a woman in your life, someone loved and admired. It might be your mother, but, depending on your personal situation, it could represent a “Mom Friend.”
Taken together, these cards remind us that our family of choice is there to support us through troubles past, present, and future.
A note on the deck I use:
These cards are part of my old and beloved Mary Hanson Roberts’ Tarot Deck. I’ve had this deck since before I began writing the Edward Red Mage series. I had them with me when I first started writing fantasy, and used them (& still do) when working on Eddie’s divination scenes. As far as the suits go, their correspondences are as follows:

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