Card Reading for Week of July 1, 2019

The Devil, the Page of Fire, and Temperance
Man, these cards just keep getting better and better. *please note sarcasm*
I’m still in a state of emotional exhaustion from last week (remember the Emperor + Ten of Air = our leaders are failing us?), and the first thing that pops up is the Devil. As they used to say on SNL, “well isn’t that special?” Seriously, the Devil card represents bondage, degradation and all kinds of epic fail. But it also represents self-punishment and self-destruction. Surrounded by a constant barrage of negativity, a sensitive person can succumb to the temptation to feel too much, to bear the weight of all the suffering of the world—which is definitely unhealthy (and kinda egotistical, if you think about it). Time to move on to the next cards:
The Page of Fire indicates the arrival of good news—and we could all definitely use some of that. Temperance, too, is a good omen, indicating improved circumstances through patience and balanced, harmonious living. Try and maintain your spiritual equilibrium.

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