Card Reading for July Fifteen, 2019:

Ten of Air, the Devil, reversed, Ace of Water
We begin with the return of the Ten of Air, the card of betrayal, backstabbing, and ruin. Before we throw up our hands in despair, though, note that the next card is the Devil reversed, which can indicate a release from material bondage and a move towards enlightenment. Of course, the Devil reversed can also indicate a break-up or divorce—if the Ten of Swords corresponds to a romantic betrayal, you have my permission to kick the cheater to the curb (if you are the cheater, what were you thinking? That’s not how polyamory works; that’s not how any of this works!)
Our final card this week is the Ace of Water, which represents fulfillment, perfection, and joy. Let the past go, and move into a new state of enlightened happiness.

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