Card Reading for Week of 7/22/2019:

The High Priestess, reversed; the Tower; the Hanged Man, reversed
I knew this week was going to be a problem even before I pulled out the cards, but . . . the Priestess reversed indicates strong emotion and selfishness. The Tower is the universally accepted sign of impending disaster (my “Tarot For Cats” deck represents the Tower with a vacuum cleaner being run during a thunderstorm, driving poor kitty out into the rain). And the Hanged Man reversed indicates an unwillingness to sacrifice or put forward effort for the common good.
So things are going to go pear-shaped, tempers will be lost, and people are going to sit back and watch the world burn (or at least sit back and refuse to help wash dishes). Mercury is still in retrograde, after all. Just make sure you are not contributing to the problem.

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