Card Reading for Week of 8/5/2019:

Two of Earth, Seven of Air (the Thief) reversed, Six of Earth
The Two of Earth, with its backdrop of a turbulent ocean, indicates difficulty in beginning a new endeavor. The Seven of Air reversed can indicate quarrelling or questionable advice. The Six of Earth is more positive, representing charity and the sharing of one’s gifts.
Just getting started, getting past inertia and old habits, is always the hardest part of beginning anything. Don’t let the nay-sayers, or even the negative voices in your head, hold you back from expressing your creative light.
And in the line of “getting one’s art out there”—last weekend, my friends and colleagues from MarsCon were generous enough to give me space at their table at FantaSci in Chesapeake Virginia to share my Edward Red Mage novels with new readers. Thanks, Martians! Looking forward, I’ve offered to be a guest at RavenCon next spring in Williamsburg. Don’t know yet if they’ll have space for me, but we’ll see how that pans out and keep folks posted.

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