Card Readings for Week of November 25, 2019:

Ace of Water, reversed; Four of Earth, reversed; Queen of Water, reversed
The cards all came up reversed this week. Not surprising—this is a difficult time of year, no matter what the radio jingles are trying to sell you. The Ace of Water is a card of abundance, prosperity, and joy—unless it’s upside down. Then it’s a sign of change, and changes—even good changes—are tough. The Four of Earth is the Miser; someone who focuses too hard on material things, and maybe has trouble sharing. Reversed, the card indicates setbacks and delay in material or financial matters (not at all what we want to hear right now, but who doesn’t have a car that’s acting funny, or a surprise bill). The Queen of Water represents a loving parental figure, but her reversed position indicates that we might not be able to depend on this person as we did in the past.
Taken together, these cards are a challenge, especially for those of us about to celebrate American Thanksgiving. Changes are coming. Money ain’t growing on trees (has it ever?). And many of us adults are finding our roles in the family flipped: we’ve gone from being the kids, being taken care of by our parents, to becoming our parents’ caretakers. Or maybe we’re facing challenges and have to relinquish control and let the kids take care of us.
I’ve been posting these readings regularly for a year now. Thank you for following them, and may you have a blessed, or at least low-drama, Thanksgiving. Whatever changes and challenges we are facing, I hope that we can all meet them with love.

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