Card Reading for Week of December 2, 2019:

tarotTemperance, reversed; the Fool, reversed; the Hanged Man, reversed
Looks like we’re in for another backwards week of reversed cards. The angel of Temperance represents moderation, patience, and harmony. In her reversed position, however, she indicates discord, delay, and frustration. The Fool, the first card of the deck, represents moving forward—without bothering to know where we are going. Reversed, the Fool symbolizes hesitation and indecision. The Hanged Man represents transition and change, and the necessary sacrifice that is part of change. In his reversed position, he represents an unwillingness to let go of the past.
There is nothing easy about any of these cards, nor is this an easy time of year, as we in the northern hemisphere head towards our longest, darkest night. The future is uncertain, and not always in our hands. In spite of all we like to believe, much of life is beyond our direct control. At difficult times like these, the best we can do is wait and watch in patience, and support one another in love. Be a light to others in these dark days. Peace.

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