Card reading for January 6th, 2020

Knight of Earth, Ten of Water, Five of Fire, reversed
The Knight of Earth represents a mature and responsible individual, someone you can depend on. The Ten of Water represents home and family life, and is a generally positive card. The Five of Fire is a card of conflict, but in its reversed position, it warns against indecision and delay.
Finally, with the beginning of a new calendar year, we start to see some positive messages emerging. Taken together, these cards advise us to join forces with a family member you can trust (remember, “family” can be the one you’ve chosen, not just the one you were given by birth) and work to resolve the conflicts you may have been putting off confronting.

In writing news, I’m about ten pages away from the end of the current draft of my latest Edward Red Mage novel. I’ll probably add more pages than I cut at this point, but I still hope to be finished by early February–then it’s back to Leona Wisoker-Harris for more editing.

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