Card Reading for the Week of January 20, 2020:

Six of Air, reversed; the King of Earth; Seven of Earth
The Six of Air, depicting a ferryman with a load of swords, represents either a literal journey, or a symbolic one, in the sense of “arriving” at a solution to a problem. In its reversed position, however, this card indicates delays or obstacles in coming to a solution. The King of Earth represents a mature, wealthy individual or material wealth and success. The Seven of Earth represents hard work, successful dealings, and the growth of material wealth.
This week’s cards give us reassurance. We may not currently have the means (especially money) to solve all our problems, but the future holds opportunity to improve our fortunes through hard work and creativity. On the subject of creativity, I’m happy to report that I spoke with my editor, Leona Wisoker, this weekend at MarsCon. She tells me she should be able to start working on the revised draft of the fourth Edward Red Mage book in March, so we appear to be on schedule for the book to be released this summer.

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