Card Reading for Week of January 27, 2020:

Three of Fire, reversed; The High Priestess; Nine of Water, reversed
The central card of this week’s reading is the High Priestess. Her calm expression grants reassurance in the midst of chaos. She represents wisdom, insight, and serenity. The Three of Fire is a card of trade and financial dealings; in its reversed position, it indicates that someone with whom you have dealings is untrustworthy or has ulterior motives. The Nine of Water is a card of financial and material success, but reversed, it represents mistakes, loss, and disputes.
It doesn’t look like an easy week. Someone may be trying to take advantage of us, or put their needs before the greater good. But don’t panic—our experience gives us the wisdom to see through their deception. This ain’t our first rodeo, boys and girls, and we’re going to get through it.

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