Card Reading for Week of March 16th, 2020:

Two of Water, reversed; Seven of Earth, reversed; Page of Fire
The Two of Water is a card of love and relationships; reversed, it means relationship problems, including anything from simple misunderstandings to romantic break-ups. Communicate with care, so that misunderstandings don’t lead to worse problems. The Seven of Earth represents hard work and successful labor. In its reversed position, however, it represents lost wealth, uneasiness, and impatience. The Page of Fire is a reliable, trustworthy individual. The card also indicates news or a message.
All right, folks, time for me to get serious. I may spend most of my life in a fantasy world (it’s why I became an author), but even I can’t escape the reality that is COVID-19, or at least the effect it has on the world. Schools are closed, businesses are losing money, people are worrying both about their health and about their bills. Tempers are short. Don’t get me started on the toilet paper thing.
What the cards are telling me this week is: try to stay calm; don’t argue with your loved ones; we are all up this creek (w/out TP!) together; and (most importantly) try to get your information from a reliable source, not the wild, wild west of rumors and conspiracy theories I’ve been seeing on-line.
One last thing: much as I love my crystals and essential oils, they ain’t a substitute for good old-fashioned SOAP. Some historians believe that certain Jewish communities were spared the worst of the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages because of their tradition of ritual hygiene, especially hand-washing. To repeat: God won’t hate you if you don’t wash your hands—but germs will hate you if you do. WASH YO’ HANDS!

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