Card Reading for Week of March 23, 2020:

The Devil, the Page of Air, the Emperor, all reversed
In the immortal words of my dear friend Patti Watkinson . . . “Well, damn.” Reversed cards for a backasswards week seem just about what we’d expect. The Devil represents bondage, either literal or metaphoric. Reversed, it indicates liberation, or the beginning of the journey to enlightenment. The reversed Page of Air indicates powerlessness, unpreparedness, or, guess what? Illness. The Emperor is the card of worldly authority and control; reversed, he indicates powerlessness, indecision, and an inability to cope.
So . . . Here we are. For many of us in the United States, it is the start of the second week of quarantine. Schools, public buildings, and many businesses are closed or closing. Many government officials seem at a loss as to how to handle the situation, and we are all uncertain. Cards of illness and powerlessness seem on-point. But what about liberation? How can we be liberated while we are hiding in our homes?
I honestly believe that the world will be a better place once this crisis has passed—that it will bring people together emotionally, even as we are staying apart physically. I believe that solutions found for this problem will lead to more solutions for other problems. No, I’m not saying a global pandemic is a “good thing”—I’m not. I honestly don’t even know if I’ll be here to see the world after it passes (I have a lung condition). But I believe in hope, I believe that the world as a whole is more important than myself as an individual, and I believe in the power of bringing good out of evil.
Freed from the constraints of normal life, use this time to take those first steps towards enlightenment. Pursue art. Find creativity. Pray. Reach out to others on-line.
Better days are coming.

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