Card Reading for the Week of March 30th, 2020

Death, the Chariot, the Five of Air
When I drew my deck out of its pouch this morning, the Death card was face-up on top. While this might have more to do with my teenaged Goth-in-Training daughter having been the last person to handle the cards than anything else, there really is no better card for these times. This card represents illness and death, as well as loss of material wealth or security; even those people who are not affected directly by the pandemic are affected by its impact on the economy. The Death card also represents abrupt, unexpected change. Things are not “normal,” and will never be the same again. But just as last week’s reversed Devil offered freedom from limitations, this week’s Death offers new beginnings.
The Chariot and the Five of Air offer similar messages: conflict, adversity, battle and strife. They also can bear meanings of conquest and triumph. We will survive this. Be strong. Be kind. Be merciful to others. Those of us who live through these times will have the opportunity to remake the world. Make it better.

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