Card Reading for Week of April 20, 2020:

Seven of Rods, the Devil, King of Cups, Reversed:
Once again, we see our Seven card, a young person fighting the odds—and looking like they enjoy it. Next comes the Devil, representing the weird and uncanny, as well as bondage (notice the chained figures), especially bondage to bad habits. Third we have the King of Cups. Cups align with the Element of Water and relationships. The King is an artist or creative person; reversed, the card represents the stereotypical “artist’s temperament.”
We are still struggling. The temptation is very great to just pour a “quarantini” and fight with the folks we’re stuck with, “eat carrot cake with our hands” (as I saw in a meme this morning) and stay in bed all day, or just throw up our hands in despair and start a flame war on-line (I may or may not have done some of these things already . . . ) We aren’t perfect, and we are all under emotional stress.
Let’s try to be kind—to ourselves as well as each other. We don’t have to use this forced exile to take up body-building or write a novel (well, unless, like me, you were gonna do that anyway—the novel part, not the body-building), but we can remember that self-care is more than just cookies and blanket forts. Take your meds, if needed. Take a walk. Drink water. If you can’t do all your homework, do a little. Remember that everyone stuck in your house is stressed as well, and be patient with them. The Seven of Rods inspires us to rise to the challenge.
We’ll get through this.
And, on an upbeat note: I have comissioned an artist to collaborate on the cover for the fourth Edward Red Mage novel, because if you put me in the sun and poured honey over me, I couldn’t draw flies. Well, not quite. But Paige Hall of Whimsipop (she drew my profile doodle) will be drawing a portrait of Eddie encountering the next Walking Disaster Woman (TM) to sashay into his life.

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