Card Reading for May 4, 2020

(uploaded late from last week, sorry, time is a meaningless construct in lock-down)

King of Cups, Reversed; Queen of Swords; the Lovers, reversed
In his reversed position, the King of Cups represents scandal, injustice, dishonesty, double-dealing, and the so-called “artistic temperament”—the notion that one’s creative gifts somehow make them more worthy than others, and that one therefore has the right to stomp all over them. The Queen of Swords indicates mourning, loneliness, and separation. The Lovers, reversed, also symbolize separation and frustration and mistrust in relationships.
I showed these cards to my son, explained them, and he said “That’s all bad . . . You’re screwed!” I didn’t argue. This is the start of my eighth week confined primarily to my home—for parents in the United States, it’s the 8th week of having children trying to do school work at home. For many people across the country, it’s the eighth week without work, without income. We are separated from each other, fearful, uncertain of what the future might bring—and on top of that, there are entitled-ass folks out there trying to take advantage of the situation, from politicians of all stripes trying to make their own flavor of hay (yes, hay can have “flavors,” just ask my sister) to advertising companies and outright scam artists trying to play on folks’ fears. We can sure feel screwed.
Take a lesson from the Queen of Swords. She represents mourning and sorrow, yes—but she is also a survivor. Someone who has endured, and will continue to endure. Non illegitimi carborundum (don’t let the bastards grind you down). Reach out on-line to your tribe and support them. Be kind. Be blessed. We’ll get through this.

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