Card Reading for Week of May 18, 2020

Nine of Swords; the World, reversed; Seven of Pentacles, reversed:

The Nine of Swords, with its image of a grieving woman, indicates worry, concern, or loss. The World is the card of completion—but here it is reversed, indicating disappointment or uncompleted tasks. The Seven of Pentacles signifies hard work, but it is also reversed, indicating impatience, anxiety, or an unprofitable situation.

Welp. Not much good I can say about this. Across the US, many businesses are trying to re-open even as many doctors and scientists are concerned that the worst if the COVID-19 pandemic may be yet to come. Individuals are torn between the need to earn a living and support their families, and the fear of spreading infection. Worry, uncertainty, and stress are the order of the day.

I can offer only this: Try and find balance. The World, whether upright or reversed, is marked with the Four Living Creatures of the Apocalypse in its corners. In Christian tradition, they represent the four canonical Gospels. In esoteric terms, they symbolize the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The world is balanced, even if it is upside down. Find a little calm every dy. Be kind. Cover your face, wash your hands, don’t panic. We will survive this together.

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