Card Reading for May 25, 2020


Seven of Rods; the High Priestess, reversed; Four of Swords:

Our cards this week present us at last with positive signs. The Seven of Rods represents success after difficult challenges, and the Four of Swords represents rest, particularly recuperation after illness. However, these cards are tempered by the reversed position of the High Priestess. She is the card of wisdom, study, common sense, and good judgement—reversed, the card indicates ignorance or the acceptance of incorrect opinions.

Across the US, we are cautiously going back to work. The two-month lockdown appears to have slowed the spread of COVID-19. But as ironic as it seems for a fortune teller to invoke science, we need to still be careful and not drop all our precautions too quickly, or believe the conspiracy buffs who think that because no one in their household has gotten sick, the virus must be a hoax. Stay safe—keep wearing your masks, stand six feet apart, and, most importantly, keep on washing your hands.

I’d also like to offer an alternative interpretation for the Four of Swords: Today is Memorial Day in the US. As we contemplate the image of a knight’s tomb, please spare a thought for all those who have given their lives in service to their country, and for the loved ones they have left behind.


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