Card Reading for July 13, 2020

The Emperor; Five of Cups, reversed; the Fool, reversed
The Emperor indicates power, wealth, and accomplishment, as well as reaching one’s goals. The five of Cups usually represents pessimism, loss, or regret. However, reversed, it represents hope and the possibility of support, from either old friends or new ones. The Fool, the first card in the Tarot deck, is assigned the number zero, representing the complete lack of wisdom of the inexperienced. Generally, the Fool indicates naivety, thoughtlessness, and “rushing in where angels fear to tread.” In its reversed state, it can mean excessive hesitation or inattention.
In spite of the “whole world’s on fire” feeling we are all experiencing these days, now is the time to pay attention to our work, personal or social, look for support, and pursue our goals. Just do so carefully; the Reversed Fool can also indicate a bad decision. Keep on washing your hands, folks, and stay out of crowds as much as possible! Love you, Angela

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