Card Reading for Week of July 27, 2020

The Fool, Five of Pentacles, Four of Rods

The Fool represents a range of emotions, from simple enthusiasm to full-on frenzy; he indicates beginnings, and the excitement associated with something new. Of course, this is also the card of “walking headlong off a cliff because you have no clue where you’re going.” The Five of Pentacles, depicting two beggars in the snow, indicates financial losses. The Four of Rods, on the other hand, with its castle and lush garden, indicates tranquility, upcoming prosperity, and the fruits of one’s labor.
How to resolve these apparently opposed messages? The Fool says we’re excited about something new. The Five of Pentacles warns against throwing our money at it. The Four of Rods suggests an investment of time and effort instead will bring the desired results. After all, right now most people might be broke, but time is something we all have plenty of. Stay safe, stay well,
Love, Angela

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