Card Reading for Week of September 14, 2020

Three of Pentacles, Reversed; Four of Swords, Reversed; Ace of Swords
The Three of Pentacles represents hard work and craftsmanship—but reversed, it indicates sloppiness, or taking shortcuts and producing something of inferior quality. It can also indicate financial problems. The Four of Swords, or the Tomb, generally indicates seclusion or rest; reversed, it represents cautious activity, as well as financial caution.
The Ace of Swords, our only upright card this week, is a symbol of conquest and victory, as the sun breaks through the dark clouds. Taken together, the week’s message is don’t give up, and don’t slack off, whether in your on-line classes, your efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or (in my case particularly), your creative projects.
Socially distant virtual hugs to all, and now I’m going to go work on that novel I should have already finished.

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