Card Reading for the Week of September 21, 2020

Knight of Cups, reversed; Seven of Swords, reversed; Nine of Pentacles
The Knight of Cups represents an opportunity or attractive proposition—but reversed, this card indicates that the offer isn’t all it appears to be. Trickery may be in play. The Seven of Swords is associated with wishes, hopes, and new plans. Again, though, this card is reversed, which indicates the advice you’re receiving may be bad, or that you are headed for an argument. The Nine of Pentacles depicts a lady sheltered in a garden. Our only upright card this week, she represents safety, found through foresight, discretion, and discernment.
Be cautious, as we enter Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring in the Southern. It’s still 2020. Weasels and grifters are everywhere, trying to take advantage of other people’s misfortune—especially here in the United States, as we prepare for an election that all parties are trying to make out as the End. Of. The. World! Hang in there, and read the fine print!

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