Card Reading for Week of October 19, 2020

Eight of Pentacles, King of Rods, Ten of Rods, Reversed

Our Eight of Pentacles has turned up again. The Pentacle suit is also called Coins, and associated with the Earth element, labor, and finances. Pretty sure there are very few of us not worried about money these days. As I mentioned last week, this card represents putting effort into learning a new skill or starting a new project.

Rods is the suit of Fire, associated with creativity, career, and things about which one is passionate. The King of this suit represents honesty and conscientiousness. The Ten Card represents striving to meet one’s goals, and the pressures associated with it. Its reversed position? Yep, we aren’t getting there yet. Someone may be working against us or betray us; we may experience losses.

We are all struggling So. Hard. this year, and for every step forward, we are getting shoved back one step or more. Hang in there. Spite the world’s BS and direct your passions into something new and productive; I myself am going back to school (online, of course) so I’ll be qualified to work as a school librarian. Because I can’t think of much better for October than reading Strega Nona to kindergarteners.

Love and Light to all my peeps (and Karmic vengeance and swamp water to those who would betray us).

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