Card Reading for Week of October 26, 2020

Nine of Swords; the Chariot, reversed; Ace of Cups, reversed
I’m going to preface this by saying I’ve been having a rough week, and these cards may apply more to me personally than the world at large simply because I’m not in a very good headspace to be reading. Your karmic mileage may vary.
The Nine of Swords shows a woman bowed down with the weight of burdens both literal and figurative. It represents grief, loss, and despair. The Chariot is a card of conflict and adversity, and reversed it can a sudden loss or failure of plans. The Ace of Cups signifies happiness and fulfilment, especially in relationships—and here we see it reversed, indicating a false relationship, an imperfect happiness—or possibly just change.
As I said, things are not going smoothly for me and my family right now. To paraphrase the iconic Shrek, “Welcome to the club. We have facemasks.” All across the world, people have lost friends and family members to COVID-19. Even for those of us (like my family) who have not been directly affected by someone’s having contracted the disease, the economic impact of shutdowns and distancing are being felt and will continue to worsen. The emotional impact of isolation can be brutal, worsening family dysfunctions and conflicts. And as positive case numbers continue to rise, it doesn’t look like things will return to “normal” any time soon. All we can do is hang on. Reach out to your friends on-line. Let them know you love them. This won’t be forever.

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