Card Reading for Week of November 23, 2020

Eight of Rods; Six of Swords, Reversed; The Heirophant, Reversed
The Suit of Rods corresponds to dawn, the sun, and the Element Fire. It’s an auspicious suit, associated with new beginnings. The Eight of Rods represents progress and movement; however, it can also indicate rushing or moving too quickly. The Six of Swords indicates a journey, but this week we see it upside down. Our final card, the Hierophant, which represents tradition or religious authority, is also reversed.
This week is not “normal.” Here in the US, many of us plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, but not the way we usually do. Many people are avoiding traveling or going out anywhere. That’s OK. Sometimes it can be a good thing to shake up tradition.
Stay safe, wash your hands, and again, enjoy your turkey, or ham, or curried vegetables (one of my sisters is vegan).

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