Card reading for Week of December 7, 2020:

And in this week’s installment of “I Just Got Called The (BLEEP) out by a (BLEEP) Deck of Cards,” we have: Three of Cups, Reversed; King of Cups, Reversed; Ten of Cups.
The Ten of Cups pretty much just jumped off my deck this morning—and why wouldn’t it, as it represents what I and everyone else want this time of year: Stable home life. Loving family. Happy holidays. All that greeting card/mall music/gift commercial stuff.
Yeah, and then I pull the cards leading up to it: both Cups, which relate to love and relationships, and both Reversed, which means, well, it’s still 2020. Reversed Three of Cups can mean “delay,” which no one wants to hear after ten months of semi- or total quarantine. It can also warn that someone’s been hitting the ‘Nog too hard, or that you might just be tempted to max out your credit card. In my case, it might indicate a lack of appreciation; the cards are telling me (and you?) to sit down and consider my blessings, which are surprisingly many. Reversed King of Cups can represent loss, ruin, or betrayal—but it can also indicate that someone is being a Diva and they need to shut the heck up. OK, OK, maybe I’ve been whining lately . . . .
Everyone wants that “perfect” holiday, and none of us are going to get it. And that’s OK. We do have families, even if we can’t visit them, and, hopefully, we have homes, even if they aren’t quite what we might call “stable.” Be patient. We’re almost halfway out of the dark.

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