Card Reading for Week of December 28, 2020

Seven of Swords, Reversed; Three of Swords; the Hanged Man, Reversed

The Seven of Swords signifies partial success; in its reversed position, it indicates questionable advice, arguments, or gossip which one must be cautious of. The Three of Hearts can represent delay and disappointment. It can also represent separation and sorrow. The Hanged Man is the card of transition, but also of being “suspended” between two states. In addition, it can represent a need for sacrifice—reversed, it suggests those sacrifices are not yet being made.

As we come to the end of what has unarguably been a terrible year for most people, we need to prepare ourselves for the hard work of rebuilding and change. Just turning a page on the calendar isn’t going to alter anything in and of itself. We cannot just hope for change; we need to be the change.

Love to you all, Angela

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