Card Reading for Week of February 1st, 2021

Queen of Swords, Reversed; Justice, Reversed; Ten of Pentacles

The suit of Swords is associated with winter, cold, and darkness, and as far as the weather goes, that is perfect for this week here in coastal Virginia. The Queen of Swords symbolizes someone who has suffered great loss or hardship; in reversed position, this indicates that these experiences have made that person bitter, vengeful, or treacherous. It can also represent narrow-mindedness and bigotry. These sentiments are echoed by the reversal of the next card, Justice.

Our final card in in the suit of Pentacles. Pentacles are associated with Earth, the “slowest” element, and therefore with things that take longer than others to manifest. The Ten card represents safety and security, as relates to home, family, and finances. It’s a sign that things will improve in time, even if things are difficult and treacherous right now.

Hang in there and stay safe,


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