Card Reading for Week of January 25, 2021

The Empress, the King of Cups, the Knight of Swords, Reversed

All face cards this week. Face cards can indicate the influence of individual people, as well as abstract concepts. The Empress symbolizes female progress, and traditionally “feminine” influences such as nurturing or intuition. It may represent a mother or maternal figure. The King of cups indicates a respect for the arts and sciences, or a considerate individual, in a field such as business, law, art or science. The Knight of Swords is usually a heroic figure, but in reversed position, it signifies disunion or imprudence, or an individual prone to rash action and conceit.

We all have different people and situations in our lives, so we will all interpret these figures differently. But I do believe that this week’s cards are telling us the positive influences in our lives are outnumbering the negative.

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