Card Reading for Week of February 15, 2021

Eight of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles

Work, work, work!

All Pentacles, relating to career and finances, as well as the Earth element. The Eight represents study, hard work, and applied skills. The Four isn’t so positive; it represents hoarding, or being too concerned with material things. The Page is one of my favorite cards. This card signifies a “grounded,” studious young person, and, as I’ve mentioned before, reminds me of my daughter (who just had a birthday) and of Lee, one of the recurring characters in my Edward Red Mage series.

February can be a pretty miserable month in the Northern hemisphere. Most people want winter to end, but it’s dragging on colder than ever (and where I am, wetter). In the Western Christian tradition, the season of Lent, in which we are encouraged to contemplate mortality and let go of negative habits. It should be a season of self-improvement, but often it’s just a season of depression.

The Earth/Pentacles suit is the “slow” suit—things that will take a long time, or need to be waited for. Be patient. Change—and Springtime—will get here eventually (kind of like this post)

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