Card Reading for Week of February 22, 2021

Eight of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, and Six of Cups—All Reversed.

Manure Occureth.

All the cards are reversed this week. I already knew my week is gonna be a crap-show—things will hopefully be better for everyone else. We see the Eight of Pentacles again, a card representing hard work and craftsmanship—reversed, it could mean a lack of ambition, or that one is disillusioned with their efforts. The Queen of Cups often represents an ideal wife or mother. Reversed, not so much. Or, it could mean problems for or involving a maternal figure. Like I said, I know what MY week looks like. Moving on to the Six of Cups, we see a card that generally represents nostalgia for childhood and times past. Reversed, it indicates future plans or coming events. It also indicates that those plans may fall through, so try to have a back-up. Or at least have your passwords written down somewhere.

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