Card Reading for Week of March First, 2021

I aploogize that this is a week late. I have had a lot going on, to the point that there won’t be a reading posted for March eighth. Not because I didn’t try to, but because the cards were very obviously focused on my problems and not of much general use. At any rate, these were last weeks, if you are following me, just to keep the record straight.

Two of Swords, Ace of Cups, Eight of Rods

Last week’s reading left us with the Six of Cups Reversed, a card that, in that position, signifies that the future is not likely to go as planned. This week’s opens with the Two of Swords. This is a card of balance. We see the sword-bearing figure has her eyes covered, and may be reminded of Justice, in the sense that “Justice is blind.” Certainly, the Universe, in a sense, is impartial: both good and evil things befall everyone. The Two of Swords can also mean a stalemate, or a situation that calls for stillness.

The Eight of Rods is in some ways in opposition to the Two of Swords, as it indicates not balanced stillness but quick movement, or even impulsive action. The Ace of Cups in the center this week is a card which usually predicts a positive outcome. This week’s message is to know how to move with proper caution when proper, and remain still at other times. In balance we will find harmony.

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