Programs and Services, Part Two

This week, I was asked to take a look at specialized programs and services Grissom Branch library does offer, and then suggest a couple new programs or services that might grow out of those.

Program or ServicePurposeAudienceSuccess/Effectiveness (pre-COVID)
1. Writer’s Group (recurring program)To promote lifelong learning and creative expression within the community.Adults with an interest in writing poetry and prose, either fiction or non-fiction.This was a very popular program, with ten to twelve participants showing up most months to share their work with one another.
2. FandomFest (once-a-year day-long program)To entertain patrons; to showcase the library’s potential as a social hub; to promote the work of local authors; to raise funds for the library.Children, teens, and adults with an interest in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and related pop-culture genres.The two years I have participated in this event, it drew around 200 participants from the local community, which I would consider successful in meeting the first two goals. Local writers and other vendors were allowed to purchase sales space (a small fund-raiser), and this let local authors sell and talk about their work.
3. Spanish-language collection (open service)To provide materials (books, videos, fiction and non-fiction, adult and juvenile) in Spanish.Native Spanish readers who have not yet learned English or are learning it, and native English speakers who are learning Spanish.These books are not checked out as often as English-language materials. I believe this is because the local Hispanic immigrant community may not be aware of the library or its collections.
4. 3D Printer usage (on-demand service)To provide access to an emerging technology to patrons who would not otherwise be able to afford to use it. It is very rare that I have seen the 3D printer used by patrons, rather than staff. This may be because it has not received much publicity, or because it takes time to produce a 3D printed object.

After considering these programs and services, I have a couple more ideas for specialized programming that could be added to our library (extreme close-up of experimental 3D printed game piece):

Program(s)PurposeAudienceWould it fit our mission?
Spanish language programming (book talks, story times, etc.)Offering library programs and services to native Spanish speakers.Students in the ESL program at the High school in the nearby neighborhood and their families.It could provide outreach to members of the community who may not be aware of our programs and services otherwise.
3D printer demonstrations run concurrently with a Role-playing Game clubDemonstrate the 3D printer without the audience getting bored during the process.Teens and young adultsIt would let more people see how a 3D printer works, and perhaps inspire them to reserve the printer and print their own gaming figures.

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