Card Reading for Week of May 10, 2021:

Queen of Cups; Seven of Rods, Reversed; Two of Pentacles

No matter how I shuffle or cut the deck, certain cards just keep repeating themselves these days. Going backwards through this week’s images, we see our Two of Pentacles returning from a couple weeks ago. This card may indicate procrastination or difficulty getting a project started, particularly a work-related project, since Pentacles correspond with the symbolic Element of Earth, and work and money concerns. The Two of Pentacles may also represent worry.

The Seven of Rods is back again this week, and this time, he’s upside down, indicating that our struggles are very real. We may have doubts we are up to the challenge. This card and the Two of Pentacles seem to echo each other.

The third card of the week is the Queen of Cups. This card represents a mother or maternal figure. This doesn’t have to indicate an actual biological mother, or even a female person. Queen of Cups represents the “Mom Friend,” the wise council-giver, the person you know you can turn to if you are in emotional turmoil.

The Suit of Cups represents love, emotions, and healing. Everyone in the world is going through the trauma that is 2020/2021 in their own way. As we begin to emerge from over a year of quarantine, let’s remember to thank all the nurturing friends who have supported us, and who will help us find our way in this uncertain future.

Now if y’all don’t mind, I think I’m going to go crawl back into my blanket fort for a bit.

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