Card Reading for Week of July 12, 2021:

The Devil, Reversed; Three of Swords; Nine of Swords

As rough as this looks, folks, I’ve actually got some good news this week. Yes, we see both the Three of Swords, representing sadness, disappointment, and delay, and the Nine of Swords, which represents anxiety or worry for a loved one. However, note that the Devil card is reversed. In Tarot, the Devil card represents all those things that “bedevil” us and hold us back; whether they be bad situations, bad habits, bad luck, illness, etc. The Devil reversed here is showing us we need to take control of our situation—to “flip the script” and release ourselves from whatever has been binding us in the past.

This week might pass like a kidney stone, but it’s going to pass, and we will be stronger for it.

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