Card Reading for Week of August 2, 2021:

Wheel of Fortune, Reversed; Five of Cups; The Magician, Reversed.

So this is going to be a rough week; or maybe it’s already rough (waves hand here). The Wheel of Fortune in reversed position means just plain old bad luck, and the Magician reversed indicates doubts, delays, and insecurity. Welcome to my world.

However, the card we want to take a closer look at is the one in the center, the Five of Cups. A depressed-looking figure is staring at three spilt cups, while two upright cups sit ignored behind them. What this card tells me is, “yes, the world is on fire and my life is a turd sandwich, but not everything in the universe is terrible. There is still good in the world. Stop focusing, if only for a short time, on the negative. Note I’m not saying completely ignore it, because that mess of spilled cups isn’t gonna clean itself up, figuratively speaking. Just take a little time to look around and notice what you still have on the plus side of things.

And speaking of positives, I know that the publication of Lord Cailean’s Tower, the fourth Edward Red Mage novel, seems to be moving slower than a teenaged apprentice getting out of bed on a cold winter morning, but I have just handed the last of the extraneous material (cover art, dedications, etc.) over to my editor, so the end of your wait is in sight


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