Card Reading for Week of August 9, 2021:

Four of Swords, Ten of Rods, Reversed, King of Rods

Our central card, the Ten of Rods, shows a man carrying a heavy bundle of sticks, indicating pressure or stress in achieving a goal. Its reversed position indicates increased difficulties, or that someone or something may be actively blocking your progress. To quite my good friend Patti, “Well, damn.” Things often turn out to be harder to do than we think they are going to be, and projects usually take two to three times longer, at least for me, to complete than I figure. So let us look at our flanking cards: The King of Rods represents an honest and conscientious person who is available to support you in your efforts. The Four of Swords represents stillness and rest. Yes, I know how hard it is to stop trying to do everything at once, to let go of the idea that every moment needs to be spent crossing stuff off the “to do” list. But this week might just be the one to slow down. Notice how long it’s taken me to get this reading up?

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