Card Reading for Week of September 6, 2021:

Hey, I’m back! The past couple weeks were a mess of health issues, academic stress, work, and family commitments. I’m currently taking a break from my job, to give myself time to focus on my physical and emotional health. I’m also taking the final course for my degree, so that stress is lifting too. So I’m able to devote a bit of time to creativity.

Queen of Rods, Reversed; Temperance; Queen of Swords

The warm and kindly Queen of Rods, associated with the element of Fire and the season of Summer, is reversed this week, representing resistance, obstacles, and opposition. Summer is coming to an end, but things are not “back to normal” as we had hoped. The stern Queen of Swords, tied to the element of Air and the season Winter, represents one who has experienced both joy and sadness, and who is currently facing losses or challenges. She seen some sh . . . shtuff. Haven’t we all? And it looks like we have another rough winter ahead of us.

The central card, Temperance, represents patience, balance, and calm. They represent the integration of the spiritual within the physical, the ability to see that the present moment is not everything, and improvement is always a possibility.

Stay balanced,


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