Card Reading for Week of 9/13/2021:

Knight of Swords, Reversed; King of Rods, Reversed; Eight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a champion, rushing into battle—but here we see him reversed, a sign that it is more prudent to hold back. The King of Rods is also reversed, which indicates a possible time of austerity, as opposed to the usual abundance associated with Summer, the season represented by the suit of Rods. Finally, we see another Sword card, the Eight. which is generally associated with bad news or illness.

I’m a couple days late with this post—because, as you all know, I’m ill. I’ve been resting more than anything else, and looking at these cards, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Events are being canceled and postponed again, due to the overall medical situation across the US. Now is time to be patient, to rest, to focus on yourself and your family.

Take care and be safe,


P.S. Those of you who are SCA members might want to know that there will be a VIRTUAL event this coming Saturday—go to the Kingdom of Atlantia pages to find more information about our University, where you can listen to SCA members teach about their favorite subjects in art and history from the comfort and safety of your own blanket fort.

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