Card Reading for Week of October 11, 2021:

The Eight of Swords, Reversed; The Hermit: the Queen of Rods, reversed

Well, I hoped an assist from some little ball-jointed sprites might give better news, but even the combined cuteness of Lisa and Norbert can’t change the world we’re in:

Both of the reversed cards we see this week are tied to unstable emotions and depression; the Eight of Swords is a person bound by bad news, while the normally sunny-dispositioned Queen of Rods is flipped to possible jealousy and mistrust. In between then, we see the Hermit, the archetypal seeker after wisdom. The Hermit is also a card of withdrawal and contemplation.

These days, the news is full of illness, death, and uncertainty. I know we are all tired of having to stay within the confines of our limited circles, and we would really love to get some good news for a change. Hang in there, and keep washing your hands. Better times might not be here yet, but they will come. I love you guys,


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