Card Reading for Week of October 18, 2021:

Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, Queen of Rods

Interesting to find all Court cards this week, each of a different suit. The suit of Rods corresponds to Summer, and the Queen of Rods represents summer’s warmth and hospitality. That season is finally ending here where I live. The Page of Swords represents and incicive person, somone who can “cut through” the B.S. to see what’s really going on. The suit of Swords corresponds to Winter, and we are definitely seeing cooler weather here. Some places may be fortunate enough to get an actual Autumn and a proper Winter with snow, but where I live, it’s hot, hot, hot, wet, a couple cooler days, hot again, wet again, and then cold and drizzly until Spring. Spring corresponds to the suit of cups. It’s a long way off, but the Knight of Cups represents an invitation or opportunity arriving. So as the seasons change (messily for me, hopefully a little better in other places), keep your eyes open for new opportunities that might bring eventual positive change.

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