Card Reading for Week of November 1, 2021:

Three of Pentacles, Reversed; The Magician; Death

As we come closer to the end of the year, we are seeing some more difficult cards. Death stands out, as it’s a card people are conditioned to fear. Remember, though, that November First is known as All Saint’s Day and/or the Day of the Dead, depending on cultural and religious traditions. This is the time of year we recall those who have gone on before us.

The Three of Pentacles is usually a card of successful endeavors, but this week it is reversed, which can indicate money problems. Big surprise. It also warns against rushing. Great things take time.

Our central card is the Magician, who represents creativity and the ability to get our artistic and spiritual s*** together. He reminds us we can get things done, even in dark and difficult times. Don’t rush, don’t worry, things will unfold as they are meant to.

And speaking of getting creative work finished, if you did not see the post from the middle of last week, let me remind folks that the fourth Edward Red Mage novel, Lord Cailean’s Tower, is finally available on Amazon.

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